Roses, Wine & Murder

Roses, Wine & Murder

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Vineyards, gardens, fine wine and food pairings delight... yet in this case, death disturbs all tranquility!

Roxanne Samson, a sweet and sensible gardening expert, finds a wealthy wine connoisseur dead in her city garden. The deceased was the boss of Georgi Algarve, who is a flamboyant wine aficionado and manages the Vinho Verde Wine Bar. Roxanne and Georgi, the impulsive and endearing duo, haphazardly search for clues to assist New London's prominent Detective Dan Morrison.

In a​n alarming few days, the City of Steeples is highjacked by a series of muggings and murder. Morrison tracks the case through posh vineyards and a labyrinth of historic streets. He finds multiple suspects, including deviant doppelgangers, a goth library staffer and a wealthy widow, yet the true motive remains elusive. His pressure is compounded when another victim is found near the Coast Guard Academy, and the U.S. Presidential convoy is due to arrive for a graduation ceremony. 

In between the mayhem, Roxanne learns more about poisonous plants and Georgi educates patrons at fancy wine dinners. Little do they know, they are in the middle of a professional's game of danger and intrigue.

Roses, Wine & Murder is a modern-day mystery laced with New England history, scenic vineyards, and a harrowing Coast Guard rescue. A thrilling madcap adventure about the world of wine, which promises to entertain you with plenty of flair and foul play!

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