Powder Burn: A Crime Suspense Action Novel

Powder Burn: A Crime Suspense Action Novel

Ty Patterson Founding author
Vengeance is an emotion. War is a business.
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The call comes just as Cutter Grogan has completed yet another mission.

Arnedra Jones, his business partner and friend, has been killed in LA.

He can mourn and let the LAPD investigate the murder. That's not who he is, though.

He decides to take a hand and finds himself in a world of vicious gangs, suspicious allies and a fight he's made his own.

Alone, outgunned and outnumbered by a significant margin, Cutter finds the truth is like the ash from California's fires.

Grey and easily blown away.

Just like he could be.

'More! That's your first reaction when you've finished a Ty Patterson thriller'

Release date: December 29, 2020

Publisher: Three Aces Publishing Ltd

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