Nice and Naughty Season 2

Nice and Naughty Season 2

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A Romance to Sweeten Your Morning Coffee; An Erotica to Spice Up Your Evening WineAre you in the mood for Nice? Or are you in the mood for Naughty? How about a little dollop of both?

These sweet, fun, and sexy stories follow five sisters and their chosen brother as they navigate romance, passion, and baking in and out of the hallowed walls of their Nana's old house in the borough of Queens, New York. Both in Queens and back home in the North Fork, these diverse siblings walk in a sex positive world, surrounded by love in all its many forms. In Season 1 we met all the sisters and their brother, and got a taste of everyone's hopes, dreams, and passions. We also uncovered Nana's lost romance, told in letters, with a WW2 soldier.

In Season 2 we pick up where Season 1 left off: we follow Sweet home to the North Fork where she finds herself stranded between romances, her own as well as Nana's. Through Nana's newly discovered letters, will Sweet find the path to her own affair of the heart? Will all the sisters find the passion they seek? Will Shorty let a man into his wine cellar and into his life? And will they all bake their souls into something sexy and divine? There's a little something for everyone here, in the romances, in the sex scenes, and in the baked goods too. If you listen closely, you might find erotic recipes strewn throughout Nana's letters. You'll also find an appetizer of humor, a soupcon of sex, and a hearty helping of heart."

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