Love Interrupted: Anderson Sisters Book 2

Love Interrupted: Anderson Sisters Book 2

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Her past returns
More irresistible than she remembered.
Fending him off is harder than she ever imagined.


If he thinks he can walk back into her life after seven years and pretend like he didn't leave her pregnant and alone to endure the consequences, he has another thing coming. Tyler broke her teenage heart and moved on with another woman. Staying away from him is Kaiya's one and only goal. But how can she continue to avoid her feelings for Tyler when his adorable young daughter is slowly melting the ice surrounding her heart?


If she thinks she can control him, then she is about to find out that Tyler is no longer that young, besotted fool he once was. Kaiya was his first love and the perpetrator of his first heartbreak. Even now, she treated him like a culprit. As if she wasn't the one who gave away their young love's greatest creation without a second thought. But how can he hold on to his resentment of her when his attraction to her grows every second they spend together?

Pain, lust, sorrow and desire combine to form an explosion that rocks the very crux of their growing relationship when they learn the truth behind their breakup seven years before. Can Tyler and Kaiya's love sprout from the ashes of the revelation or will it be blown away?

P.S. All the books in the series can be read as a stand-alone.

Release date: January 23, 2020

Print pages: 186

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