Knocked Off

Knocked Off

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"Adrienne Giordano hits a home run once again with a fun mystery you can't put down." --Dianna Love, New York Times Bestselling Author

Things were finally starting to look up for Lucie Rizzo. She has a thriving new business, a new outlook on life, and, most importantly, she never has to live under the shadow of her family ever again. No more mob-princess-shenanigans...And this time, she's determined to keep it that way.

So when an art deal she brokered between clients turns suspicious, it's up to Lucie to uncover the truth. She might not know the difference between Monet and Manet, but Rizzos are no strangers to jail time, and Lucie refuses to be caught up in the mafia-mix again. And who better to help her than a tall, blonde, Irish cop?

Detective O'Hottie Tim O'Brien might be on the wrong side of the law by Rizzo standards, but everything about him is oh-so-right. He doesn't care about Lucie's mafia-ties, and he knows what she needs. So when another handsome, familiar face comes knocking on Lucie's door, a whole new Rizzo-sized dilemma gets thrown into the mix. What do you get when you add a mob-princess, two smoldering men, and the peculiar mystery behind two crime-ridden paintings?

One big rollercoaster of a Knocked-Off crime caper!

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