Jaguar Paloma and the Caketown Bar

Jaguar Paloma and the Caketown Bar

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Two extraordinary women in 1865 establish a trading post in a southern jungle that grows to be a safe haven for cast-off women and the dispossessed. When a murderous forger sets up shop and the mayor on the right-side-of-the-tracks becomes intent on their destruction, the village fights for survival in its own special way.

Told in evocative magical realism, Jaguar Paloma is a tale of wronged women who stand up to be counted.

"Author Jess Wells has crafted a gorgeously unique work that places women at the forefront of adventure and weaves seamlessly realistic fantasy elements into the piece with flair and panache. A novel with oodles of style, original ideas and the authoritative, confident narrative to back it up. An absolute treasure to read." – K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite

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