Intergalactic Pest Control: The Complete Series

Intergalactic Pest Control: The Complete Series

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Extermination just got a whole lot more fun.

Grab the complete Intergalactic Pest Control series at a great boxed set price!

When lifelong friends Reggie, Joel and Cody, fail to win the Virtual Reality Elite championship, they're forced to find real work. The guys sign a pest control contract, ridding space stations of infestations.

ShimVens have been spreading rapidly across the galaxy.

The bugs eat through wiring, destroying space stations and ships.

Reggie took the job because the pay was good and the work sounded easy. Cody and Joel are skeptical, but Reggie convinces them it's easy work. Just spray the bugs and done, right?

Not exactly.

They soon learn these pests are deadly. They'll have to rely on their gaming skills if they are to survive.

And they're going to need better weapons. Oh, and a mercenary who knows how to kick ass.

These three immature guys go off to save the universe...all by accident.

Men in Black meets Ghost Busters. Intergalactic Pest Control will have readers hooked from the beginning.

--- Caution for strong language and graphic scenes involving lots of bug guts.

The complete series includes Ganked In SpaceLevel Up Bitch, and It's Working As Intended.

Release date: July 2, 2019

Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

Print pages: 691

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