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Inspector Mislan

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For fans of Jo Nesbo, Ian Rankin, and Michael Connelly, the third Inspector Mislan thriller takes the inspector to a netherworld of vicious sex crimes.
In this new thriller, Mislan and his assistant, Detective Sergeant Johan, are called to the scene of an ongoing investigation by D11, the Sexual & Child Abuse Investigation Division, that involves a series of rapes of successful young women.

What immediately jumps out in the first case D11's Inspector Sherry Azlina Syed Abdullah investigates is that the attack was filmed with a videocam. The perpetrator, gloved and masked, had gained access to the victim's apartment and was there with a cameraman, standing over her, when she woke in her bedroom. When the video appears on UTube with the legend that it is her "Salvation," the shame of it drives her to suicide. The second case involving the same M.O. has left a friend of the rape victim murdered at the scene, and that brings in the team from Special Investigations.

Forced by their superiors to combine efforts, with Sherry in the lead, Mislan struggles to rein in his maverick methods. But the video of the second assault is posted and then still another rape makes the news, leading to mounting public alarm. With pressure from above to close the case quickly, the two inspectors have no choice but to find the way to be effective together in order to track the source of the posts, identify what unites the victims, and discover the trail that will lead them to the shadowy figure who calls himself the Emancipator.

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