How The Skin Sheds

How The Skin Sheds

Genres: WesternsHorror
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When Garrett Walkinshaw pays a visit to his sister, he finds her murdered— throat sliced and nipples missing, his albino niece left emotionally scarred on her bed. Determined on getting revenge, the two set out after the killer, following a bloody trail of skin-lacking bodies. After Garrett's best friend— a recently freed slave— joins the road-trip hunt, they're forced to teach Garret' s niece the dark world of survival and assassination in the gritty, wild west, where they're met with myriad of roadblocks in the form of evil lawmen, bizarro brothers, a swamp witch, and more. Hap & Leonard meets Leon: The Professional, chasing down Ed Gein.

Release date: May 30, 2023

Publisher: Death's Head Press

Print pages: 115

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