Honey Ever After

Honey Ever After

Book 0: Honey Acres
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A sweet new chapter begins

Magnolia Hill loves her family above all, and her sister Camellia’s wedding is a reason to rejoice. As far as Mags is concerned, Camellia is the queen bee of Honey Hill Farms and deserves every happiness. If Mags feels a tinge of sadness at losing pride of place in her sister’s life, well, she’ll weather it in her usual no-nonsense way.

While Mags strives to give Camellia the perfect day, an unexpected guest arrives in the handsome, well-dressed form of Roman Dunholm. Roman is the adoptive father of Mags’s daughter, Shelby—and Mags knows he was opposed to Shelby seeking out her birth mother. Is her fragile new bond with Shelby and her granddaughter, Bea, at risk?

But there are other surprises in store on this special day. And before it draws to a close, there’ll be even more reason to celebrate with family, friends and the bees that bring so much sweetness to their lives…

Release date: December 1, 2023

Publisher: Harlequin

Print pages: 384

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