Haunting Emily

Haunting Emily

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Even in death, secrets never really die.

Romance ignites, but can it survive a chilling haunting? 

Emily Taylor is called to move to San Francisco. An unseen power lures her to an old Victorian house that feels oddly familiar. She eagerly takes up residence in her new home, hoping to escape the darkness that seems to follow her. When she meets her new neighbor, Liam Wesley, more than chemistry ignites between the two of them. 

Liam knows there’s something more to Emily than an undeniable attraction. Reoccurring dreams and visions plague them both, and the lust that sparks between them has awoken a dangerous entity. The terrifying phenomena brings them closer, revealing a deep rooted connection to another time.

With the help of Liam’s paranormal investigation team, they work together to uncover a series of events, and answers to what is haunting Emily.

What links the two of them to the house they now share? The truth lies in their long-buried past. But the evil that threatened them once before will fight to keep them apart, even from the grave.

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