Adrian and Ray Porter have spent their lives battling demons at the edge of hell, just like their father before them. But when the edge rips wider than ever before, can they keep the planet from becoming hell itself?

Adrian and his hot-shot brother, Ray, work for the Brigade, at Station 001 in the city of Fortune on the outskirts of the Gore Point. Adrian is a Stitcher and Ray is a Legion. Together they fight the demons, commonly known as “fiends”, that come from some other dimension, or hell, depending on what you believe. The fiends enter Fortune through Hell Pits in the earth spawning from the Gore Point and it’s the brothers’ job to keep these rifts closed. Adrian wants to leave the Brigade, and Fortune, but can’t because there’s a saboteur helping the fiends wreak havoc in the city.
Ray’s girlfriend, Laurel, wants to leave Fortune as well, but no matter how often Adrian promises that they’ll leave, he’s always pulled back to his Brigade. One violent outbreak follows another, and Adrian has no choice but to help his Brigade keep the city of Fortune safe. Adrian slowly begins to suspect his brother is responsible for the sabotage, along with many of his fellow brigadiers. Over time this suspicion grows stronger and stronger. As the outbreaks continue to grow in frequency and violence, so does tension between the brothers. Will family ties prevail? Or will betrayal tear the brothers… and the world… apart at the seams?

Release date: May 16, 2023

Publisher: Libra Press

Print pages: 350

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