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The Nanima Series is a unique story journalling the inner evolution of a spiritual seeker within the context of her relationships and life. It is set in the equally unique environment of rural Australia and has many important messages about the value of the Earth around us and the earth within us. Both ensure our health and happiness.

Geboor (Book 2 of Nanima Series): The spiritual path doesn’t annihilate our happiness. It gives us the possibility of real happiness. Geboor continues the journey of Maliyan and friends into an ever-deepening understanding of body, environment, relationships, and connection to the energetic world. Understanding the significance of the physical elements leads to wisdom in the mental, emotional, and spiritual components of our existence. Geboor and Black Forest, a day’s drive from Nanima, at the southern end of the Great Dividing Range, provide an environment for Maliyan and those in her world to further their connection to each other and to the heart of life.

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