Freshman Fantasy

Freshman Fantasy

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Freshman Fantasy is a second chance college romance that introduces readers to Anita Knight's fictional world of Tempt University and can be read as a standalone.


The last thing I expect during Freshman Orientation is to run into him.

But when I bump into Austin Kline, the messy haired quarterback that’s had my heart since high school, every hormone-fueled, lust-crazy freshman fantasy I’ve ever had of him comes rushing back to me.

Luckily, I’m not the nerdy, greasy, skinny-as-a-rail high schooler he remembers me as.

I may still be a freshman, but this is college, and I’m all grown up now.

It’s time to make Austin mine.


The last time I saw Kayla Moon was senior year of high school.

She was cute, in a nerdy sort of way, but I never did anything about it because, despite my brain being attracted to her, my body wasn't.

Until now. 

If it weren't for Kayla's ever-curious sparkling blue eyes, I'd have never recognized her standing before me with that gorgeously matured body of hers.

Could this be my second chance to make something happen between us?

If you love sweet romance with steamy love scenes and a dash of humor, you’ll love Freshman Fantasy. Welcome to Tempt University!

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