Four Tricks

Four Tricks

Book 3: Hidden Empire
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I took some hard hits, but now it's time to strike back.

Marco Tesoro wanted a fight, and a fight is what he's gonna get. The guy just doesn't know when to stop. First he sent hitmen after me. Now he blew up my mother f-ing house. No one gets to pull that kind of shit and live—a fact he'll be finding out soon enough.

In the aftermath of his attacks, we're struggling to recover, dealing with the FBI, and adjusting to having Cameron back in my life. But there's no better time to remind the world who Two Tricks really is. At the top of my hit list are the Mad Dogs, a rival MC crew. They're the movers and dealers for Marco's drugs business. Let's see how he feels when I cut off his arms and then realizes I'm just barely getting started.

My men are behind me one-hundred percent, even as they work through their own issues—including the new man no one saw coming. None of that will stop them from riding into war with me though, because it will take all of us to topple this crime lord's empire, one piece at a time.

Contains mature themes.

Release date: March 31, 2022

Publisher: Creative Wonder Publishing

Print pages: 333

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