Flesh and Steel

Flesh and Steel

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A Warhammer Crime audio. Murder in the neutral zone between Imperial and Adeptus Mechanicus territory sets Probator Symeon Noctis on a dangerous investigation. Listen to it because: discover tensions between Imperial servants on Varangantua as an extremely odd pair of detectives seeks to solve a murder. The story: born into riches, Probator Symeon Noctis attempts to atone for his past sins by championing the powerless of Nearsteel district. But the sprawling city of Varangantua is uncaring of its masses, and when a bisected corpse is discovered in the neutral zone between Nearsteel and the Adeptus Mechanicus enclave of Steelmound, Noctis finds himself cast into his most dangerous case yet. Partnering with the tech-priest Rho-1 Lux of the Collegiate Extremis, Noctis is drawn into a murky world of tech-heresy, illegal servitors and exploitation that could end his career or his life. Written by Guy Haley. Narrated by James Mcnaughton.

Publisher: Warhammer Crime

Print pages: 320

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