Elementally Priceless

Elementally Priceless

Genres: FantasyVampires
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USA Today Bestselling author Shannon Mayer introduces two of her most beloved characters in this first in both series novella. This story takes place prior to The Rylee Adamson Novels and The Elemental Series and introduces you to both Rylee and Larkspur. "My Name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker" This is the story of my first salvage, seeking out a missing child that my mentor has warned me away from. What I find is more than one child: I find my destiny. "My name is Larkspur, and I am an Elemental.” They call me The Destroyer. I've been banished to the desert for years after saving a life I should have let the darkness take. But as an earth elemental, I couldn't turn from the pleas for help any more than I can turn from them this time. Except that this time, I have a Tracker to deal with. This is about to get interesting. **30K Word Standalone Novella** Rylee in “The Rylee Adamson Novels”: Priceless (Rylee Adamson Book 1) Immune (Rylee Adamson Book 2) Raising Innocence (Rylee Adamson Book 3) Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson Book 4) Blind Salvage (Rylee Adamson Book 5) Tracker (Rylee Adamson Book 6) Veiled Threat (Rylee Adamson Book 7) Wounded (Rylee Adamson Book 8) Rising Darkness (Rylee Adamson Book 9) Blood of the Lost (Rylee Adamson Book 10) Alex (A Rylee Adamson Short Story) Tracking Magic (A Rylee Adamson Novella, 0.25) Elementally Priceless (A Rylee Adamson Novella 0.5) Guardian (A Rylee Adamson Novella 6.5) Stitched (A Rylee Adamson Novella 8.5) Read more Larkspur in “The Elemental Series”: Recurve (Book 1) Breakwater (Book 2) Firestorm (Book 3) Windburn (Book 4) Read more

Release date: January 20, 2015

Publisher: Hijinks Ink Publishing

Print pages: 118

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