Dude Interrupted

Dude Interrupted

Book 7: G-Man Series
Bad Boy Bryce gets a taste of tough love from his parents, but somehow it turns to something very unexpected!
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A Hilarious, Entertaining and Enjoyable YA Romance brilliantly performed by the amazing David Black, who did an excellent job portraying each of the characters, female and male alike, and bringing the story to life!!
Amazon Review
This book was great!! I loved the push and pull from the characters.
Author Maria Vickers
I loved this story, it captivated me from start to end. I have become a huge fan of Andrea Smith’s work, she has a wonderful writing style and creates stories and characters that are interesting and real.
Vine Voice
"Sometimes you need a strong woman to bring you back to the life you were meant to live."
Janett Gomez
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Bryce Slater is eighteen. He's a bad boy hottie who has his pick of chicks. He parties a bit. Smokes a little dope now and then. Likes the occasional random hook-up. So what? He's determined NOT to follow in his father's FBI footsteps.

Avery Sinclair is 19. She's in college, and during the summer she works on her grandparents' horse stables and race track as team leader. She takes her work seriously. Her future is in equine operations. She has no time for slackers on her team. But thanks to her uncle doing a favor for a friend, Avery ends up with Bryce Slater for the summer.

"Slater the Slacker" soon becomes Avery's pet name for him, but damn if she isn't determined to whip him into shape. And while doing so, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. But he's so not her type! 

Bryce quickly gets on the bad side of his new boss. She's a no-nonsense little spitfire who is determined to break his spirit. But in the process, Bryce finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. But she's so not his type!

What started out to be a summer of tough love punishment, turns into something both Bryce and Avery never expected. Just as things are heating up, a blast from Bryce's past threatens the fragility of his new found relationship with Avery.


Release date: March 13, 2018

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 226

Content advisory: 18+

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Andrea Smith
David Black
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