Day Break

Day Break

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Freedom comes at a price in this gripping tale of love and redemption.


After spending the last year of her life behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Chloe is now free. She’s also divorced, jobless, homeless, and completely alone in the world. If not for the kindness of a stray dog, she would have just lay down and let the world take the rest of what she had. But that dog showed her kindness and led her to a stranger who opened her eyes to the good in the world. Then the tender-hearted man’s grandson steps into the picture and, suddenly, her past doesn’t look so terrible.


Lane Robinson comes from a long line of stuck-up, blue-blooded asshats. His grandfather, who is a recently reformed asshat, is the one exception. Since the rest of the family has disowned the ailing man, Lane steps in and does what he can. But then a strange woman shows up and claims that she’s his grandfather’s caretaker. She causes Lane’s libido to spike, but Lane doesn’t trust easily. Especially after learning all about the woman’s dark and dangerous past. 

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