Cross My Heart - Infinity Series

Cross My Heart - Infinity Series

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One love. One promise. Two worlds.

Ciaran helplessly witnesses his wife vanish from his life in a blink of an eye.

On Earth, Christmas is about family, love, and happiness. In the multiverse, it should be the same.

It’s only natural that Madeline wants to make Christmas a meaningful and memorable event for those she loves.

And it has been perfect—until she loses her memory.

About everything.

When she’s trying to get a real pine tree from Earth to the multiverse, a storm from the crossworld sweeps her out of her orbit, across the multiverse, into the oblivion, and back to Earth.

Ciaran tracks her across the multiverse to a family in New York. When he travels there to bring her home, he discovers that Madeline is living a perfectly happy life, without him as a part of it.

She doesn’t know him.

She doesn’t remember the life they’ve shared, the blood they’ve shed, and the battles they've won together.

Will he tell her the truth and risk ruining her life in both worlds if she can't return to Eudaiz?

Or will he go home, knowing that she has at least one happy life for certain?

Cross My Heart ♥♥♥ is an instalment in the Infinity series. However, it can be read as a stand-alone multiverse novel. If you love romantic fantasy and compelling and clean love stories with a blast of action, suspense, and supernatural mystery, pick up this book and enjoy the ride.

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