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Continuum is a genre defying collection of sharp suspenseful stories that tread on the darker side of human nature. 

Ambitious in scope, it vividly moves through slices of time—from ages past, the present, and into the unknowable future. The stories question our deepest subconscious passions and asks—how much control do we really have? Can good people be conditioned to commit atrocities? Is it possible for kindness and cruelty to exist within the same person? Can our species ever extricate itself from our worst tendencies? In the most interconnected age in human history—why are some of us so alone? And how do we find that elusive ray of hope? Original and startling, and impeccably paced the Continuum Collection takes you by the hand and pulls you into the shadows of the human race.

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Chad Lester
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November 4, 2020
Chad Lester




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