Central African Folklore

Central African Folklore

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From the beating heart of Central Africa comes a collection to join East African, West African and Southern African Folktales

Featuring stories such as The Prince Who Insisted on Possessing the Moon, The Dog Came to Live with Man, The Legend of the Cunning Terrapin and the Crane, tales from Central Africa share many aspects of the themes across the continent because ancient ethnic groups expanded and migrated over many centuries bringing the oral traditions with them. Tales in the Bantu and Banda languages abound, the Sara and Gbaya too, each bringing their unique inflections to the stories of Anansi or the trickster where in the Congo, the clever water antelope is pitched against the brutish or pompous lions or elephants. A lively and powerful read.

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Release date: February 13, 2024

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing

Print pages: 256

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