Camera Wars: A Sundaes for Breakfast Romance, Book 2

Camera Wars: A Sundaes for Breakfast Romance, Book 2

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She’s the wedding videographer trying to do her job. He’s the handsome photographer constantly in her way. She’s captured his heart, and she’s off-limits.

For Coco Beaumont, capturing love is easy. It’s her job to capture happy couples in love. In her personal life, love is much more complicated. While filming for her roommate Liz, Coco’s focus becomes blurred. The wedding photographer gets in her way and under her skin. But she has a code—no falling in love on the job. That’s easier said than done.

Peter Jorgensen is the best photographer in the state, but signing up for his college roommate’s wedding comes with more than he bargained for. Though they start off on the wrong foot, Peter is determined to show Coco that capturing love is more than perfect predictability and a setting on the camera.

Coco is so focused on seeing the love between everyone else, she is oblivious to the love blooming in her own life. Can Peter show her what has been in front of her eyes while they work together?

Release date: October 12, 2017

Publisher: Crescendo Ink

Print pages: 320

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Camera Wars: A Sundaes for Breakfast Romance, Book 2
Chelsea Hale
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