Cambridge - The Dark Masters

Cambridge - The Dark Masters

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Cambridge University is esteemed as one of the great learning centres of the world, and has been for many centuries.

Whatever its gravitas as a seat of learning it should come as no surprise that Cambridge has a malevolent and dark side. Within the ranks of its Academics and Alumni lurk the strange minds who have created despicable stories with heinous characters.

M R James, E F Benson, Christopher Blayre and E G Swain are but a few of these transgressors who have lurked within its glittering yet tortured walls.

1 - Cambridge - The Dark Masters - A Short Story Collection - An Introduction

2 - Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad by M R James

3 - Mrs Amworth by E F Benson

4 - The Man With The Roller by E G Swain

5 - The Necromancer by Arthur Gray

6 - The Closed Window by A C Benson

7 - A Collector's Company by R H Malden

8 - The Thing That Smelt by Christopher Blayre

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