Brother Red

Brother Red

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From one of the most exciting new voices in dark epic fantasy comes a novel that is both intensely brutal and brilliantly cinematic; the story of a soldier torn between loyalty to her family and loyalty to her calling in her quest to preserve a kingdom's future. She was their hope, their martyr, their brother... Driwna Marghoster, a soldier for the powerful merchant guild known as The Post, is defending her trade caravan from a vicious bandit attack when she discovers a dead body hidden in one of her wagons. Born of the elusive Oskoro people, the body is a rare and priceless find, the center of a tragic tale and the key to a larger mystery. But as Driwna investigates who the body was meant for, she finds herself on a trail of deceit and corruption...a trail that will lead her to an evil more powerful than she can possibly imagine. Also by Adrian Selby: Snakewood The Winter Road

Release date: January 26, 2021

Publisher: Orbit

Print pages: 496

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