Broken Wide Open

Broken Wide Open

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"Broken Wide Open is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Grace and Leo tell their story sharing the uphill, downhill and screaming drops in a way that kept me glued to the book from beginning to end. I found Broken Wide Open to be everything I enjoy in a good book. Author Susan Griscom has created characters that are impossible not to like and a plot that never falters. I highly recommend Broken Wide Open to every romantic genre reader - it is a definite winner. " -- Readers' Favorite

At four years old, Grace Davidson lost her father in a bizarre accident, so unsettling that her mother never liked to talk about it. Her father had been her rock, her hero, her everything.

Now, years later, she's all grown up and has married her new hero, until she discovers his betrayal with her best friend. As revenge, Grace takes off, alone, for the honeymoon she was supposed to have with her now, ex-husband...

To an exotic resort, miles from home...

Leo D'Amoré was just a man Grace met while enjoying a little un-honeymoon retaliation against her husband of all of three hours.

They became friends. No last names, no promises, commitments, or ties. Yet even after she returns home, she can't get him out of her head. Too bad she'll never see him again.

Starting over in a new town after finding her dream job, Grace suddenly runs in to Leo in the last place she expects. But is he the man she believes him to be? She thought so, until everything becomes broken wide open. Including her heart.

A feel-good story that will take you from the darkest depths to the highest of highs as the past collides with the present.

Publisher: Author Susan Griscom

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Broken Wide Open
Susan Griscom
Charley Ongel,
Tor Tom
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June 21, 2017
Susan Griscom




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