He's adrift in a billion-dollar scandal. She's an OnlyFans celeb. He only wants a distraction...
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I can be your dream girl – for a price.

Ever heard of Only Fans? It’s not my ideal job, but it pays the bills. It’s even made me somewhat of a celebrity. My subscribers love my provocative shots, and I’m oh-so-good at teasing them.

Then he shows up in my small town and complicates everything.

Mr. Green-Eyed Gazillionaire is so far out of my league it’s ridiculous. We’re polar opposites. That doesn’t change the fact that even though I’m a fantasy to most men, I want to be his reality.

Logically, I know that nothing real can ever happen between us. Too bad logic and I have never had anything but a passing acquaintance. Because now, if I’m not careful, I’m afraid this sexy billionaire will smash my big, sappy heart into oblivion.

A delicious billionaire, small town romance featuring two polar opposites adrift on a resort island, right off the coast of North Carolina.

This is a steamy contemporary romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, and no cheating.

Release date: June 8, 2021

Publisher: Noctivity, Inc.

Print pages: 280

Content advisory: Recommended for 18+ due to sexually explicit scenes

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