A Tall Dark Trouble

A Tall Dark Trouble

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The Sánchez women aren't just unlucky in love—they're cursed.
Eighteen-year-old twins Delfi and Lela know better than to play with magic. Their lives are marked by a malevolence that’s followed their family from Cuba to Miami, poisoning any chance at romantic love. It’s no wonder their Mami has forbidden them from getting involved with the supernatural.
When Lela and Delfi receive premonitions of a mysterious killer targeting brujos, however, the sisters must embrace their emerging powers to save innocent lives.
Teaming up with their best friend Ethan and brooding detective-in-training Andres, Delfi and Lela set out to catch a murderer on a dangerous hunt that will bring them face to face with the dark secrets of their family’s past.
Back in 1980s Cuba, Anita de Armas whispers to the spirits for mercy—not for herself, but for the victims of her mother’s cult. She’s desperate to rid herself of her power, which manifests as inky shadows and an ability to speak to the dead.
As political tensions rise and Anita’s cult initiation draws near, she must make a decision that could change not only her fate but the fate of the nation.
Lela, Delfi, and Anita’s stories intertwine in Vanessa Montalban’s dazzling debut fantasy, as each Sánchez woman steps into her power, refusing to be subdued by any person or curse.

Release date: August 29, 2023

Publisher: Zando Young Readers

Print pages: 384

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