A Cornish Odyssey

A Cornish Odyssey

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"Funny, poignant, each chapter a surprise, as this young man not only discovers the magic of Cornwall, but the magic inherently in him." - Deidre Gainor

A humorous, fish out of water story, this page-turner is a delight, a romp through Cornwall that will make you laugh out loud and leave you wanting more. If you like Bill Bryson you’ll enjoy this writing. It entertains while taking you on a journey. This novella is a love letter to Cornwall and its quirky characters.

Grant Decker is a disgruntled California art teacher turned 40, who has lost his way in life. A random stab on the map means he’s going to Penzance to spend his school holiday, hiking around the coast of Cornwall. Everything about Cornwall is strange to this American–the accents, the food, the changing weather. Determined to show Graeme, his trip planner, he’s not a lazy American, he avoids the bus and crashes through the scenery with comic effect. Walking on the coastal path he has visions of pirates, saints, mermaids, and chocolate cake, but it's through his encounters with the people of Cornwall that he learns how to be his authentic self. This is a journey of self-discovery.

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