Get your Thrills with Stop at Nothing

P.D. Workman

October 5, 2021

Hope you had a chance to pick up some freebies this weekend. If not, you can still get the first three books in the Parks Pat Mysteries series for one low price. And a few of these freebies might still be available.

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Stop at Nothing is the first book in Michael Ledwidge’s Michael Gannon series, and it starts off with a splash. A Gulfstream jet ends up in the drink in the Bahamas, with only one witness (and one who cannot call for help, due to a recent fishing mishap involving his radio antennae.) Fisherman Michael Gannon checks out the wreck, and you might think that would be the end of it, especially when he decides to do a little property recovery from the luggage that was on the jet. But Gannon has a rather exciting past, and the retiree fisher is more than meets the eye.

Great action and description. Ledwidge is a cowriter with James Patterson (on other projects) and it shows in his tight, exciting, well-plotted action.

“Caught something after all,” he said to himself with a crazy laugh as he turned off the running lights and slammed the twin diesels to full reverse, keeping his eyes on the dark horizon.

Michael Ledwidge, Stop at Nothing

When a Gulfstream jet goes down in the Bahamas carrying a fortune in cash and ill-gotten diamonds, expat diving instructor Michael Gannon is the only person on the scene. Assuming himself the beneficiary of a drug deal gone bad, Gannon thinks he’s home free with the sudden windfall until he realizes he forgot to ask one simple question.

Who were the six dead men on the plane?

Gannon soon learns the answer to that fateful question as he is thrust into an increasingly complex and deadly game of cat and mouse with a group of the world’s most powerful and dangerous men who will stop at nothing to catch him.

But as the walls close in, Gannon reveals a few secrets of his own. Before he retired to the islands, Gannon had another life, one with a lethal set of skills that he must now call back to the surface if he wants to make it out alive.


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