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P.D. Workman

October 26, 2021

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Looking for a new cat mystery? Clean Simon has them in spades! I was quite impressed by her bio on Amazon, I’ll copy it down below for you. She is prolific, with lots of series (like someone else you might know.)

I am nearly finished reading Grey Dawn, book six in the Dulcie Schwartz Mysteries. I don’t think I have previously read any of the books in this series, but didn’t have any problem following the action or understanding the relationships and backstory. Simon weaves it all into the narrative naturally, so you don’t feel lost or inundated with facts.

I had to laugh at one of the reviews on the Amazon page, which says: “This book is definitely fiction.” Yes, ghosts, werewolves, talking cats… I think we can agree that this is mystery fiction, not true crime.

I am close to the end of Grey Dawn, and while I have a few ideas as to what is going on, I haven’t yet figured it all out. I have had a pretty good idea of who was not the culprit since the early pages, and I did pick up on a few of the clues that are now being revealed. I’ll have to see how it all ties together in the end!

Edited to add—The ending was somewhat disappointing. A lot of questions left unanswered.

But seated a few feet away beside the opened cardboard box sat the little orange kitten calmly washing the tiger stripes that were fading back into his fur.

Clea Simon, Grey Dawn

When grad student Dulcie Schwartz thinks she hears a wolf late one night, on her way to pick up some forgotten papers from her departmental office, she tries to dismiss it – but it’s too late for her peace of mind. The noises, the dark building and an unnerving sighting of her adviser – looking strangely unhuman in the moonlight – all combine to thoroughly give her the creeps.

But it is not until the next morning that Dulcie learns the disquieting truth: she was right to be spooked. A woman worryingly close to the university was savagely attacked, that very night. A woman who looks like Dulcie.

Aided by the cryptic advice from her kitten Esmé and the ghost of her late, great cat Mr Grey, Dulcie can’t stop herself from investigating, just a little . . .


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