Wasted: A Single Daddy Rockstar Romance

Wasted: A Single Daddy Rockstar Romance

A random hook-up for an up and coming rockstar threatens to rock his world - and not in a good way!
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I absolutely love Andrea and Gina’s books! This book pulled me in from the very first chapter and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I absolutely loved the relationship between Emmett and Olivia. I really liked that we got Emmett, Olivia, and Stacie’s point of view throughout the book. It really brought it to life.

Alexander and Gina did an amazing job on the narration! They really know how to bring a story to life.
She Devil Reads
Audio Review
Narrator choice is so important and these two picked the perfect cast. Alexander Cendese is excellent as Emmett. Emmett is emotionally charged, and we could feel it with each scene how he felt. Gina A Jones portrays Olivia, just as she intended and it comes through with strength, confidence and vulnerability. I love her voice! This team made the story come alive and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Audio Review
I haven't read a book that I've enjoyed this much in a while. I fell in the love with the characters and truly enjoyed every bit of the journey this book took me through! Can't wait to read more from this author.
Too Many Books To Read
Amazon Review
Omg, I loved this book. I was so expecting the typical cocky rockstar attitude for Emmett. But under his driven exterior, there’s a softness. Olivia is the girl every girl needs as a friend. But with every love story, there’s someone trying to tear it apart. Stacie will stop at nothing. Not only does this book give us sex and rock and roll, but there are a few great mysteries to be unraveled that will shock you to the core!!!! Great book.
My Two Cents
Amazon Review


For fans of A Star is Born, this single daddy rock-star romance will tug at your heart with more surprises in store.


His looks, his sex appeal, and enough groupies to totally notch-out his bedpost is Emmett Jackson’s current problem. But it’s about to get worse. Poor choices and toxic decisions have splintered his dreams for the future just as his band, Wasted, is gaining fame. 

Emmett has no memory of sleeping with his band mate's younger sister. And now, he’s about to become a father. Everything the band has worked for is now at risk. Rules have been drawn between Emmett and the mother of his baby. Life on the road is tough, especially when you’re committed to being a good father.

But what will happen when a new lead female singer joins the band, and she’s everything Emmett's ever wanted?  Olivia is sexy, has the voice of Stevie Nicks, and a body that rocks his world. When a duet puts these two together on stage with no more than a whisper between them, the chemistry is palpable. 

Purchase WASTED, and find out how these two will ever find the love they deserve, and what shocking revelations surface that will rock Emmett's world!


Release date: August 21, 2020

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 238

Content advisory: 18+

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