The Stolen Souls Double Feature

The Stolen Souls Double Feature

Genres: Horror
Available in:
  • Audiobook


Get 2 incredibly chilling tales for the price of 1!

You Can't Hide from Your Past: Rachel can't understand the strange sounds and goings on in her house or why her son, all of a sudden, has an imaginary friend, until he mentions the name Paul and what this friend wants. Rachel's deadly secret that she's kept buried for many years has now worked its way to the surface, only to take everything from her. Bodies will drop like flies if she doesn't come to terms with her past and give into the horrible demands of the dead.

The Doll: There is something about the house next door, nearly torn asunder by flames, but inside, a baby's cry seems impossible. It seems only to come from a faded photograph of a doll. When it is taken from its home, it seems to change, on its own, and with it, change the lives of those around it for the worse. 

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