The Night Rising

The Night Rising

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**Spoilers of the ending of book 3 below!**

I’ve gained the magic of a dragon… and soon, it’ll end my existence.

My abilities have grown beyond imagining, and a dragon’s fire burns inside of me. Unfortunately, that same fire is burning me alive.

The only way to save the people I love is to unite my dragon’s power with its missing half, which exists inside my evil father. If we can defeat Paimon, the world will be safe… even if I die in the process of defeating him.

Shane refuses to give up hope. He believes there’s a way to stop my fiery demise, so we can find our forever. He wants to protect me, but no one can save me from the end I know is coming.

The only way to stop this is to let everything go up in smoke.


The Night Rising is a fated mates enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance. Wolf shifters, dragons, witches and vampires rule Juliana Haygert’s Rite World saga in a sexy urban fantasy universe that’s packed with action, revenge, and steam. The final book in the Rite World: Night Wolves series.


Rite World: Night Wolves

The Night Calling (Book 1)

The Night Burning (Book 2)

The Night Hunting (Book 3)

The Night Rising (Book 4)

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