The Midnight Secret

The Midnight Secret

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A sassy witch, a charming warrior, and a dark secret …

Things are spiraling out of control around Hazel.

First, she joins the Lightgrove Coven as an apprentice, then she is capture by the Brotherhood of Purity, next she’s being hunted by the dark witches.

And when things didn’t seem they could get worse, the Lightgrove witches believe Hazel aided a dark witch in escaping and are now hunting her too!

At least three new allies reveal themselves and help guiding Hazel—and Sean—in these new, murky waters.

Moreover, they finally reveal the truth about Hazel and why everyone seems to be after her.

Though at this point, Hazel believes some secrets are better kept untold.

The Midnight Secret is the fourth book in the Rite World: Lightgrove Witches series—full of magic, romance, mystery, and excitement! Grab your copy today and start this new adventure!

Rite World: Lightgrove Witches

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The Midnight Secret (book 4)

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