The Hyrax Song

The Hyrax Song

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What Can Possibly Stop an Army of Millions?

Journee is not only a mouse but a princess who loves adventure, especially when she has them alongside her best friends, Mr. Toad, Mr. Owl, and Mr. Steed. Not long after their very first escapade together, finding the legendary Pond of Reflection, the four companions find themselves in yet another wild exploit, that is decidedly dangerous and threatens the entire kingdom.

On one lovely fall day, the friends have no idea what is in store for them when they discover a furry blob on top of a boulder, a rock hyrax, and learn of a message for Journee’s father, the Great Mouse King. Mr. Badger's message warns the king of a formidable army of locusts gathering on the kingdom's northern border in the Great Plains by the sea. The king and his Council devise an unlikely plan to not only help the locusts but hopefully thwart the significant threat they pose to the kingdom. This plan's success will require the help of every kingdom animal, great and small, and a very special gift of the rock hyraxes, who live in the crags of the High Western Mountain.

This adventure story is inspired by the Biblical Proverb 30:24-28 (NKJV) and communicates the morals of helping your neighbor, that power can come in small packages, and the effectiveness of working together.

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