The Far End

The Far End

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The primitive world of Vraniga teems with vicious beasts, ruthless villains, and harsh conditions, making it impossible for an explorer like Rawluv to resist.

Yet when he finds himself hunted by a pack of starving Quillers, their sharp teeth nipping at his heels, he regrets his boldness. When he can no longer outrun them, he accepts his fate.

Then an Efftrul appears.

A true warrior, the Efftrul defeats the entire pack of Quillers, saving Rawluv’s life. Afterward, Rawluv learns that saving his life comes with a catch: He must accompany the Efftrul into war!

Outmatched in strength, he accepts his inescapable servitude. Resisting the battle-hardened warlord would mean certain death.

Of course, there’s nothing preventing him from plotting his escape…


Battle of Kinds: The Far End Prequel

Against a Tyrant: Book One of The Far End

The Great Protectors: Book Two of The Far End

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