The Darkest Witch

The Darkest Witch

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The only thing more dangerous than a deadly vampire is an angry witch.

Killian and I are connected, but the cursed magical box he came from is getting in the way of us being together. A cross-country trip around the United States is the only way to locate the people who might have an idea on how to help us.

But we’re being followed. Warlocks and demons are after us, particularly me, and each day that passes is another night we might not survive. With nowhere left to turn, we end up stumbling into the one group Killian wants nothing to do with… my mother’s coven.

Killian insists these witches can’t be trusted, but at this point, they’re our only chance. The coven is welcoming me with open arms. For the first time, I feel like I’m home… but the closer I get to the coven, the farther it pushes Killian away.

Someone is lying to me. There’s deception within the coven that longs to be brought to light.

I only hope I discover the truth before I lose Killian forever.

The Darkest Witch is a sensual enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance, and the second book in Juliana Haygert’s Rite World: Vampire Wars series. This stunning addition to the Rite World universe will entice and intoxicate readers in a dark love story of vampires and magic.

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