The Conniving Sort: A Far End Story

The Conniving Sort: A Far End Story

Book -1: The Far End
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Toiling away at the Shallows Post can be lucrative but because precious goods are traded it attracts thieves and murderers. And since it’s located so close to the water, a blade—swung by a true warrior or the unskilled—isn’t the only threat.

Beasts are always lurking, especially beneath the murky expanse that drives the livelihood. Tremendous water creatures hunt the deep water near the Far End, occasionally capsizing vessels before reaching the shallows, and even snatching Vranigans walking too closely to the waves crashing onto shore.

A good day at the post often means going home alive, and Garmish was fed up with such treacherous living seasons ago, so when like-minded post hands devise a worthwhile—but risky—plan to better themselves, he gladly capitalizes on the opportunity and joins them.

Except in order to set the plot in motion, and intent on leaving the post behind him for good, Garmish must take on an entirely different role, one that is far more dangerous than any he’s ever undertaken and one that few have ever survived.

Release date: December 21, 2021

Publisher: C.A. Gleason

Print pages: 97

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