The Circus Train

The Circus Train

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Brought together by magic.

Torn apart by war.

'A magical, vibrant parade of a novel about extraordinary people finding light in history's darkest decades. Spellbinding stuff' ERIN KELLY

'Fans of Lucina Riley will love this heartwarming novel. A story full of hope and bravery' Nina Pottell, PRIMA

'An enchanting story of love, loss and survival in a world wrecked by war' MAIL ON SUNDAY


Ellen Keith


Reader Review (5 stars)


Kristin Harmel


Reader Review (5 stars)


Constance Sayers


Reader Review (5 stars)


Carol Windley

Europe, 1938. Even as the daughter of the extraordinary headlining illusionist, Lena Papadopoulos has never quite found her place within the World of Wonders - a travelling circus that traverses the continent in a luxury steam engine. Brilliant and curious, Lena yearns for the real-world magic of science and medicine, despite the limitations she feels in her wheelchair. But when a young French orphan, Alexandre, comes aboard the circus train, Lena's life is infused with magic and wonder for the first time.

But outside the bright lights of the circus, darkness is descending on Europe. War is about to shatter Lena's world, and take away everything she holds dear. And to recover what she has lost, Lena will have to believe in the impossible.

A must-read for fans of Water for Elephants, The Circus Train will take readers on a heart-wrenching two-decade journey across a continent in which great beauty and unimaginable horror live side by side.


Reader Review (5 stars)


Pam Jenoff


Reader Review (5 stars)


Lorelei Savaryn


Reader Review (5 stars)

Release date: December 6, 2022

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons

Print pages: 416

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