The Assassin of Malcoze

The Assassin of Malcoze

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An aging mercenary struggles to find meaning while chasing a contract many believe is a lie.

The King's daughter toils with a life changing decision to follow her family's path, or forge a new one.

A young boy possesses a power no one has seen since the Kingdom's greatest nemesis.

Behind them sits an assassin lurking in the shadows, who will unwittingly unite them all.

A heroic adventure of self-discovery and bravery evoking classic pulp tales like Conan and Elric, with a mix of modern fantasy through its perspective and character development. This is a novel you will race through to finish, and immediately wish to hear again. All of the character and scenery illustrations are included from the paperback, but exclusively in color for Audiobook listeners!

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The Assassin of Malcoze
Bryan Asher
Ana Opishinsky
188.04 MB
November 23, 2022
Intercont Press LLC




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