Rendezvous and Revenge

Rendezvous and Revenge

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When the star of Siren of the Seas new hit show is murdered backstage, Felix lands the lead role and also the top spot on the list of suspects. Can Millie solve the mystery in time to clear her friend’s name?

Discover why so many fans love the "Original" Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery series by Hope Callaghan!


With the epic Garlucci family cruise adventure behind her, Millie is looking forward to smooth sailing for the Siren of the Seas upcoming cruise to the ABC islands. Before they set sail, Andy calls the entertainment staff to the stage for an important announcement. The ship’s cruise director has managed to sign a wildly popular musical production for a month-long gig.

When the star of the show arrives and promptly produces a long list of “must-haves,” Millie believes this is just the tip of the iceberg of what could be a disastrous cruise. Her close friend and co-worker, Felix, not only knows the lead actor, but there’s some bad blood between them and he threatens to quit and walk off the ship rather than work with his old nemesis.

Things go from bad to worse after the star is found dead and the evidence starts stacking up against her friend. As the clues are uncovered, Millie is convinced the murder was an act of revenge. The deeper she digs, the more she believes someone on board the ship has a secret they’re willing to kill for.

Can Millie solve the mystery in time to clear her friend’s name or will Felix’s next starring role be performing a life sentence behind bars?

Find out what happens when you grab your copy of Rendezvous and Revenge today!

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