Pawsitively Suspicious

Pawsitively Suspicious

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This short introductory story takes place three years before the events in Pawsitively Poisonous. It is meant to introduce you to the characters and narrator.

Length: 42 minutes

Welcome to Edgehill …

Amber Blackwood, resident witch of Edgehill, Oregon, is a recluse. Raised by parents who warned her to keep her powers a secret, Amber and her younger sister, Willow, grew up “normal.” Amber obeyed her parents’ wishes, if only because they’d promised to teach their daughters everything about magic and their witch heritage once they were of age.

But Amber’s parents died in a mysterious house fire while Amber was still in high school, taking all their secrets with them.

Now a thirty-something adult, Amber finds it easier to keep to herself in the cat-obsessed town she calls home. When her neighbor invites her to a welcome lunch for the town’s new police chief, Amber reluctantly agrees to attend. Within hours, Amber knows this man could cause trouble for her. There are no romantic sparks; the problem is that he’s too observant, too focused on her odd behavior.

Staying cooped up inside might be safer, but things in Edgehill just got a whole lot more interesting …

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Pawsitively Suspicious
Victoria Villarreal
19.16 MB
July 10, 2021
Ringtail Press




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