One Hour Stories

One Hour Stories

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A captivating collection of 60-minute classic stories by great writers.

'The Overcrowded Iceberg' by Morley Roberts
'The House Surgeon' by Rudyard Kipling
'A Dream of Armageddon' by H. G. Wells
'The Mad Hatter' by Morley Roberts
'Ken's Mystery' by Julian Hawthorne
'The Lady's Maid's Bell' by Edith Wharton
'Roads of Destiny' by O. Henry
'The Plattner Story' by H. G. Wells
'All Souls' by Edith Wharton
'The Country of the Blind' by H. G. Wells
'Reparation' by J. D. Beresford
'Good Lady Ducayne' by Mary E. Braddon
'The Horla' by Guy de Maupassant
'The Desert Islander' by Stella Benson
'The Legend' by Edith Wharton
'The Dolls' Castle' by Henry Chapman Mercer
'The Passing of a God' by Henry S. Whitehead
'The Shadow on the Blind' by Louisa Baldwin
'A Ghost's Revenge' by Lettice Galbraith
'The Wolf Book' by Henry Chapman Mercer
'The Shadows' by Henry S. Whitehead
'The Screaming Skull' by F. Marion Crawford

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