Moonbeams and Mistletoe

Moonbeams and Mistletoe

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If we are part of a universe where moonbeams and mistletoe exist, nothing is insurmountable for, otherwise, what is the point?

To Emily Livingston, spinster - this deceptively frivolous phrase was all she had left of her betrothed.

To Henry Bartholomew, widower - the sentiment, while naïve, also serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of hours, light can be found... it was simply a matter of perspective.

When four-year-old twins run into Emily - literally - she has no idea where their unexpected encounter will lead. Determined to ensure his children are not being schooled into something nefarious, Henry resolves to meet this mysterious lady who has enthralled the duo with her stories.

 One dull and otherwise ordinary autumnal morning, two disparate souls are brought together, and long-forgotten emotions are stirred.

The question is whether Henry and Emily have the courage to follow their hearts or be forever trapped in the sadness of the past. Can moonbeams and mistletoe persuade them, the answer was there all along?

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Moonbeams and Mistletoe
Rosie Chapel
Rosie Chapel
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April 17, 2023
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