MC Romance: Shafted

MC Romance: Shafted

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The Rusty Spur Saloon has seen better days. Its owner, Selina King promised her father on his deathbed that she would keep it open and make it a success. A slowing economy has made it an almost impossible promise to keep. She is on the brink of having to close the Spur when the Vipers, a local motorcycle club come to her rescue-sort of.

Darrell Cox is the newest full-patched member of the Vipers who piques Selina’s interest and desire. When they arrive at the Rusty Spur, he has no idea that he will find a beautiful woman who will challenge him and put a crack in his hard heart.

Soon the Vipers and Selina strike a deal; she needs more money, they need a central hub from which to operate. Things go fine until Selina sees something she shouldn’t and she has to make a choice whether to save her bar or keep her dignity.

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