Made for the Mafia

Made for the Mafia

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The Made for the Mafia complete collection includes all three books in the series:


Being in the mafia had its privileges. Being a capo in the Russo family had even more. When Marla came to me asking for help in avenging her brother’s death, I agreed . . . for a price. Marriage. To me. A mafia capo . . . the type of man she’d sworn off years ago. She would learn: Nothing in this life was free. And in exchange, I wanted her. Whether she could handle who I was… or not.


It was supposed to be a basic undercover op. Perform in a strip club, get close to my mark, and do whatever it took to coax him into spilling family secrets. Enticing him was simple. Made men like Marco Russo were more interested in seduction than marriage. Not to mention he was dark, dangerous and easy on the eyes. Our attraction was instant. Undeniable. Establishing a relationship with him was the easy part. Enticing him to share sensitive information took more finesse.


I never wanted to join the family mafia business but they needed me, so I went to law school to protect my brothers from the blood they shed and the investigations they were under. I watched out for everyone. Thought I saw everything. Except her. Delaney was beautiful and my boss's daughter at the firm where I worked. She was off limits and I couldn’t afford to be distracted. I should never have touched her. One taste and I couldn’t let her go.

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