Jaycee A Heroine's Journey

Jaycee A Heroine's Journey

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Consider how the world would react or the concerns that would be raised if Jesus were a woman teacher and prophet today.

That is a question I address in my book Jaycee.

Serenity is a tiny town in which the story takes place. (Anywhere in the United States) The problems and challenges that Jaycee and her companions encounter are contemporary and relevant to us today.

I've long questioned why women aren't permitted to be priests and why they aren't as revered in the Catholic Church as males have been for centuries.

I present this long and complicated story in a lighthearted, hopefully thought-provoking manner.

My objective is to rekindle our collective goodness while also encouraging the Church to achieve gender parity.

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Jaycee A Heroine's Journey
John William
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September 10, 2021
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