I Met Her Before

I Met Her Before

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What if you found out your perfect childhood wasn’t so perfect? What if parts were so terrible you couldn't even remember... until now?  

Marcia Thompson has always had happy memories of growing up an Air Force brat in the Philippines. Sure, her father could be controlling, but she loved living on base and exploring the jungles with her siblings.

Today, she and her husband, Tony, have worked hard to give their children an equally content military childhood in Hawaii. But when their adopted son and daughter are abruptly taken away, the trauma leaves Marcia emotionally shattered and awakens memories of sexual abuse that leave her questioning whether her “happy” childhood was ever happy at all.

As the recovered memories threaten to destroy the relationships she’s built with her husband, her children, her worried friends, and her doubting family members, Marcia must begin a journey of faith to uncover the truth and reconnect with the frightened child who repressed what happened to her to survive.

Written with compassion and a full spirit, I Met Her Before is a novel that stresses the importance of love when it comes to healing from past trauma, whether that means asking for help from those who care for us or learning to better love one’s self.

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I Met Her Before
Chandra Moyer
Raquel Pierce
164.61 MB
March 31, 2022
Every Child Whole Press




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