Hidden Ember

Hidden Ember

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Time has become a loathsome enemy.

After the harrowing battle against Herja, Vala and Xavyn find themselves in a new battle against time. The war between lands quickly approaches should The Divide fall, but even that concern must wait while they engage in a more dire conflict with Verdandi. She must be stopped before finding the final piece needed to end the world. To stand any chance at defeating her, Vala and the others will have to add numbers to their charge, which includes negotiations with the incorrigible Volare king.

In the midst of it all, Vala has to face her true identity. Though acceptance doesn’t always come easily, especially when it comes from within. For Vala, it also means accepting what happens after.

If they stop Verdandi …

If they prevent the war …

If she reconnects with her pith …

Will she have to say goodbye forever? 

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